p&p SharePoint Development Guidance v2 - What's in Drop 10?

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As we mentioned in our earlier post, we release a drop from our SharePoint Guidance project every two weeks which is the duration of our iteration. We released Drop 10 to our CodePlex project site last week. In this webcast, Erwin van der Valk and Francis Cheung are discussing the changes that have been made in iteration 10 of the SharePoint developer Guidance. The primary focus of iteration 10 was to create and extend couple of reusable assets that can help you to create better SharePoint applications:

  • A Hierarchical configuration manager, that allows you to store configuration values at the Farm level, allow you to override them in lower levels.
  • A generic Service Locator for sharepoint that stores it’s typemappings in config.
  • A Sitemap provider that stores it’s sitemap in hierarchical config.
  • Reusable workflow activities for SubSite creation, that help you to implement your own SubSite creation process.

With the conclusion of this iteration, the SharePoint Guidance v2.0 project is now feature complete. The next iterations will focus primarily on bug fixes, documentation and quickstarts.

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