Kentucky program creates online learning plans for all students

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Kentucky has a program to help middle school students starting in grade 6 think about their school careers and beyond. One of the things we hear more and more these days is that students in middle school are starting to make career decisions that will impact their high school careers to make college either posssible or impossible. By getting kids to think long term maybe Kentucky will help more of their students make better decisions.
An online program like Kentucky's seems like a good idea to me in part because it is online. The article in eSchool News calls it "MySpace meets Monster" and that sounds about right. Students are already used to sharing information online and that should (in theory) make students more comfortable about using the system. And of course from an administrative/teacher point of view it makes it easier for schools to record, track and use the information to guide students.
This program is not required by the way and parents can see what their kids are up to. In fact I wonder if parents might not be helped the most by this system as they learn what their children aspire to. Some will want to encourage their kids in new directions and others will see that their kids are already aiming high and be supportive. Well we can hope.



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