What are they teaching teachers?

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Chris Higgins has a great post about all the things he is learning during his first year of teaching that they didn't teach him when he was studying to become a teacher. One of the things he doesn't talk about but that I hear a lot about is that teachers are not taught to use technology. They are not taught about how to use it for personal productivity and they are not taught how to use it as a teaching tool.
Oh I am sure there are some education programs that do this (please allow me to believe that) but as far as I can tell those programs/courses are few and far between. I have heard of a few university programs that train professors to use various tools, including technology, to teach at the university level. That's great as far as it goes. But honestly there are a lot of departments who pay little more than lipservice to quality of teaching and put a lot more on quality of research.
For K-12 teachers there is some in-service training going on but the quantity and quality of that training seems to be hit or miss. Given how our students are growing up in a computer and media driven world this seems like a real problem. Schools can't fix it themselves. Schools of education can't fix it themselves either because there has to be local support for new teachers. But you'd think they'd at least include some technology training as a required part of the curriculum. Perhaps if states started requiring a bit more training in technology for certification and accrediting agencies started requiring a demonstration that technology was being used it would help.
But really it has to start somewhere and training new teachers seems like the best way to me.



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