Microsoft Azure Stack: Insights into Integrated Systems

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The Discussion

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    Sunil Nair

    Thanks for the insight into the integrated system for Azure Stack. Have a few questions:
    1) What is the specs of the 4 system configuration that a customer can start with and then build up? Are there any published docs on this integrated hardware?
    2) Will this integrated system have storage and network in the rack?
    3) Will existing CPS customers have an upgrade path to the Azure Stack? Or will this be a net new deployment of an integrated system?
    4) What's new from a security standpoint on the new integrated system compared to the CPS?

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    Vijay Tewari

    Thanks for the questions Sunny. We will share more details of the specs of the 4-server system at Ignite.

    The 4-server system will have storage (hyperconverged using storage spaces direct), networking switches and compute (4-servers).

    In the blog ( that we published we talked about how existing CPS customers will be able to manage the lifecycle of VM's deployed via WAP/SPF/VMM through the Azure stack portal.

    We will share more details on various aspects including security as continue our development on Azure stack

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