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Term „amazing technology" usually translates to „latest technology". But it doesn't have to be necessarily this way in all cases. Let me share a story I had experienced recently.
Assoc. Prof. Michael Meadows - my former lecturer and also a Head of Media School at the Griffith University in Australia came over to Europe to do his research. I was pleased by his choice to include Czech media in his work and also about the fact that we could meet again.
Michael's focus was on public media therefore I took him for an excursion to the Czech Television and also to the Czech Radio. Director of one of its stations - Radio Praha (broadcasts in 6 languages) Miroslav Krupicka and also chief editor Gerald Schubert were very well prepared and we'd spend several hours together in the end.
According to the profesor the equipment of all newsrooms, studios and editing rooms were very similar to those ones in Australia but what really grabbed his attention was - apart from excellent language skills of Mr Schubert (native Austrian able to speak six languages including perfect Czech) - a paternoster. This is a unique cyclic elevator and Michael has never seen anything like that before.
Gerald Schubert has found a story written by one of radio's reporters about it for us. You might find the story behind the paternoster amazing as well.

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