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There are 17,375 applications on Facebook today, including two new ones I'm going to write about - Framed Again! Gadget and Office Poke! Gadget.
The first one allowes you to make an exchange of photos more fun. All you have to do is go to the special Framed Again! gallery, choose a frame with head-shaped cutout you like, include your friend's photo and save it.
Frames include office-related themes such as "Employee of the Day", magazines, album covers or fantasy business cards. 
Users can upload their photo directly into the frames and post them on a friend’s Facebook page. It's very easy to resize, rotate and color the photo in a way that it will fit right into the pre-made frame.

Office Poke! gadget gives more options to all those who already like to SuperPoke! their friends. Users can engage in a common office-based behavior from having lunch with friends/co-workers to throwing a stapler at them. You can even explain why have you decided to punish
them - e.g. for having a questionable bathroom hygiene or having a really, really bad haircut.
More Office Poke! you use, more poking powers you get. After sending just 5 of them you get promoted from an Intern to the Office Gossip Coordinator.
Over the time you'll gain the authority to fire, hire, promote or demote your employees... ehm friends.



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