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Until recently I have known only one person who loves strawberries ("jahody" in Czech) so much that he names his stuff after them. He even owns a Strawberry Island in online world of Second Life where you can get various T-shirts, drinks and also tattoos. With strawberries, of course...I was offered a friendship by a young woman called Yahoodka through my Spaces few days ago. I have never accepted any similar requests from strangers. Neither on Spaces nor on Facebook.However, I have decided to make an exemption this time since I have realized that we both have something in common - we had both lived in Australia for few years.Today I have decided to check out her Spaces and was fascinated by a sentence "I was not able to add any more strawberry photos since I have reached my maximum monthly allowance". You can add up to 500 photos per month there, so I was curious to see this "strawberry usage". Well, have a look for yourself. It´s worth it and as Yahoodka promises more will come next month... In general, Spaces are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays even TV personalities have their account there. As Filip Rozanek mentioned in the Czech magazine Reflex, for example TV news host Petr Tichy is amongs them. If you or someone you know have Spaces worth looking at, let me know. I´ll write about them in some of my next blog posts.



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