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In this episode of Azure Lessons Learned I chat with Stephan Friedl, Chief Architect at Quark Software.  Quark (of Quark XPress fame) has been built a new business called Quark Promote for small and medium business to design and print high-quality collateral (brochures, business cards, postcards etc) to promote their business. 

In and of itself this is an interesting Software + Services solution built with a compelling WPF design client and a high performance ASP.NET server.  Quark chose to deploy this solution using Windows Azure.  In that way they could build out their business to handle the numerous relationships they’ve setup neighborhood printers.  The architecture is service-based specifically so they could handle these type of relationships and host the solution on the partner’s site and in fact host on multiple sites from that same single multi-tenant solution running on the Windows Azure platform.



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The Discussion

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    In the description you have "...called Quake Promote for..."  Granted I love Quake/QuakeII/QuakeIIIArena, but I don't think it fits here Smiley

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    Um, well, it sez QUARK, not QUAKE (okay, mostly) - what was wacky to me is they are doing this demo on a Mac



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    Fixed.  Thanks.  I agree that a Quake Promote would be awesome! Smiley

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    I'm ok with fruit-flavoured PCs when they're running Windows. I kidded Stephan about that before-hand.  Quark is known for their design chops so I guess there are designers all over.  Stephan's not one of those (you can tell because he doesn't have any visible tattoos, piercings and isn't wearing a beret Smiley).  I'm hoping the cool laptop he got at PDC has since replaced the mac.

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