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    Dynamics Duo, thanks for these great videos!


    Girish, I've been in contact with some Microsoft CRM and Azure team members who are telling me that it is currently not possible to authenticate into CRM Online from a Windows Azure application, but obviously it's possible because you showed it! So, maybe others are missing what I'm trying to do.


    In short, my company created an CRM ISV application (a CRM activity/notes/attachments roll-up app) that we've been selling to on-premise CRM customers. I recently attempted to deploy the application (recompiled in VS2008 with Azure tools) to Windows Azure to test it with CRM Online. But when I started researching how to get the app to talk to CRM Online I found blogs and was told by others at Microsoft that Azure can't authenticate into CRM Online because 1) Registry settings are needed for Live ID authentication and you can't write to the registry in Azure or 2) an SSL certificate is needed and there's no way to store a cert in Azure and pass it to CRM.


    In light of the mixed information out there about Azure authenticating into CRM Online, I think it's important for someone on the CRM team to provide detailed guidance in this area. Various articles/blogs have documented the process of creating Windows Azure applications well enough so far but there is a lack of documentation on Azure-to-CRM Online authentication -- from registering the Azure application with Windows Live, obtaining a cert, utilizing server-to-server and delegated authentication, impersonation, etc. 


    Our "activity summary" app, for example, has a simple requirement -- it lives in an IFRAME and, when loaded, needs to consolidate all activities, notes, and attachments for the current record and for the logged-in CRM Online user. Again, the app works great for on-premise deployments but we've received numerous requests from CRM Online customers who want the same capabilities. And ideally we'd like to host the app in Azure!


    I'll keep an eye on your blog and others for more details. I know that Azure is still in CTP so we all can't expect too much right now, but whatever information the CRM team can share on hosting apps on Azure will be most appreciated!


    Thanks again,




    Tim Dutcher

    Solutions Architect

    Altriva Solutions

    Bellevue, WA

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