The Dynamics Duo talk about CRM and WPF

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The Discussion

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    A good insight guys..thanks!
    BTW, isn't WPF Windows Presentation Foundation (& not Framework)? Wink
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    yup, its foundation Wink

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    hi, is there any chance to get the source code or any design diagram ?

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      Girish is posting various bits of code etc on his blog here:


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    As with any framework that makes the difficult look simple there are a few standard "gotchas" I was hoping you could explain my question below, maybe in another post.


    Q: How does CRM handle failures on the live updates. If a user updates in online mode I assume it updates the local SQLEXPRESS cache before updating the remote data source. If the remote call to persist the data fails does CRM tidy up properly and do the necessary rollbacks to a consistent state?

    If so, can you explain how it does this in a high volume, multi user environment with people working on and off-line at different stages in the application lifecycle?

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