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In this episode I talk to Danny Riddell and Luigi Rosso, CEO and CTO of Archetype.  Archetype is a rich internet application (RIA) development and design shop.  They provide both products and development/design services using Silverlight and Flash with .NET and SQL Server back-ends. 

Archetype saw the trend around video and media related solutions moving to the cloud and took the initiative to build out their end-to-end solution.  They had a couple of projects where they had to be able to handle large scale very quickly.  In general they had trouble scaling up quickly and then back down once the project was over. Windows Azure gave them that capability in both their services and product businesses.

One of their products is a media content management system called Archetype Media Platform (AMP) that allows enterprises to control all their media assets.  Danny and Luigi spent some time here showing off some of the video content management and editing capabilities of the AMP solution running on Windows Azure.

Towards the end of the video Luigi shares some of his experiences porting to Windows Azure (first cut working in less than a week).  The solution architecture use web roles for the front end and web services as well as worker roles for various activities in the background (e.g. encoding or analyzing media).  SQL Azure is used for content metadata and Windows Azure blob storage for the video files.



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