Direct links to files on Silverlight Streaming (and new All-Stars clip)

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After spending more of my Saturday than I care to remember pulling up Scotch Broom at my parent's weekend place in Sandy, OR, I'm happy to return to some good compression news that's not so nearly hard on the knees.

I've had a lot of requests for a way to directly access the WMV files in my demos I host up on Silverlight Streaming. They've activated "HTTP endpoint for videos hosted in Silverlight Streaming."

URLs come out as :, where:
  • accountId is your Silverlight Streaming account ID; check the Manage Account page to find it
  • fileSet is the folder name where your video file is stored; you can see the list of folders in your Silverlight Streaming account in the Manage Videos page
  • fileName.wmv is the video file name
For a demo, I've finally gotten around to fixing the audio sync for the Streaming Media All-Stars demo, in prepration for the article Streaming Media Magazine will be publishing about the workflow.

So, by example, here's the Silverlight link:

And the link to the file directly:

In other news, they've also got a new "Robust uploader for Silverlight Streaming videos" for Silverlight 2 Beta users. It allows pauses and resumes of video uploads. I don't use the uploader myself much (my whole reason for existing being largely based on doing my own encodes). However, one thing a lot of folks don't know about the uploader is that it won't recompress files that meet the basic Silverlight Streaming specs (something like 640x480 and 1.4 Mbps or less).

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