Moving my blog to Channel 9

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Hello all,

Sorry so long without blogging. I've been in the process of getting moved over from to Channel 9 for reasons to tiresome to mention, and this little side project has been eating up a lot of my time.

So, going forward, my official new home is

And soon good old

Will direct there as well.

So going forward, that is where you'll find all the Ben Waggoner Silverlight/Smooth Streaming/compression/media technology goodness.

At some point I'm hoping to get my old posts migrated over, but for the meantime they will also remain here at the old blog.

The Discussion

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    Hi Ben.

    Do you think it would ever be possible to sync 2 AV files (or 3 if the audio is the same in both) in Silverlight so that the user might be able watch either one independently?

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