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As promised, here are the final decks for my presentations at NAB.

Encoding for the Next Generation: MPEG-2/H.264/VC-1

This session was part of the all-day Next Generation DVD track sponsored by the DVD Association.

I talked about the various options for and issues in encoding for high definition, focusing on Blu-ray but also talking about digital downloads. It's apparently become somewhat infamous, with mentions of it over at Doom9 and AVSForum. Although now that I look, they're both from the same guy...

Here's the deck: Encoding for the Next Generation.pdf

In-Depth Microsoft Silverlight

This was a three-hour media-focused overview of Silverlight and the Expression tools. It took a look at encoding and hosting video and audio assets for integration, and  incorporating those into a Silverlight Rich Interactive Application. I used a shorter version of the same presentation for the "Successfully Set up your own Streaming Media Solutions in a Worship Environment" track, so I won't bother to include both.

Here's the deck: In-Depth Microsoft Silverlight.pdf

I've been blogging versions of the tutorials. So far I've got:

Tutorial 1: Default Settings (no blog post there, as it's just a demo of the pretty-good quality that EEv2 can do without changing ANY settings, automatically adapting to the 480i 16:9 source).

Tutorial 2: Movie Trailer at 2 Mbps

Tutorial 3: Encoding screen recordings (less the navigation demo in the online version)

Now I need to figure out a good .pptx to Silverlight conversion workflow.

And if you like this stuff, don't forget about my class at Stanford in June.

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