New Silverlight 1.0 servicing release is launched

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We released to the download servers last week the 3rd servicing release of Silverlight 1.0. This addresses a few issues with the past version. Release Notes are here.

Tim Sneath and Mike Harsh also have details on their blogs.

As Silverlight auto-updates, many or most of you may already have this installed.


There are three important media-related updates I want to call out in particular.

  1. We've moved audio rendering to use PCM, which finally fixes the NForce motherboard audio level issues discussed here.
  2. We've improved ASX support, including PARAM., as discussed here.
  3. We've addressed A/V sync issues on Mac OS X (don't have a link for that issue handy).


Silverlight 2 is coming along great, but we haven't forgotten 1.0.

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