New WMV9 PowerToy update

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 In the pleasures of software development, the joy of removing useless features is a close second to adding useful ones. To that Alex Zambelli has released a minor update to WMV9 PowerToy, simplifying a few modes. First, some of the Perceptual Optimization modes that we discovered actually do the same thing have been turned into a single "Adaptive Deadzone" mode. And he's spelled out the ADZ Min Width modes explicitly. And lastly, in Main Profile mode, the DQuant options are not available, as they never did anything there anyway. Below shows you the new Main Profile constrained mode with my typical defaults:

WMV9 PowerToy 1.2.1

Since DQuant can help quality quite a bit with some content, especially gradients like shadows and skies, this is yet another good reason to be using WMV9 Advanced Profile over Main Profile. For content where only DQuant but not ADZ  may have been used in AP, it can often make sense to use ADZ in Main Profile order to reducing banding in flatter areas of the image.

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