Silverlight 2 GDR updated released today

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A minor update for Silverlight 2 went out today, which will automatically update existing Silverlight installs, and can be manually installed via this page.This updates Silverlight to 2.0.40115.0 (from 2.0.31005.0). Tim Heuer has a developer-friendly description here, which points out that MinimumVersion and minRuntimeVersion values should be updated, as well as the version attribute in Silverlight.js files.

The always handy Silverlight Release History lists the changes as:

Release enhancements:

  • Fixes problems that were caused by Silverlight and McAfee scanning tools interactions

  • UI automation stability fixes, including:

    • graceful failures when attempting to use features that require .Net Framework 3.0 or 3.5 on machines that do not have either framework installed

    • improved Tablet support

  • Fixes an issue that arises when Mac users customize their environment by removing Arial and Verdana fonts

  • Fixes a known issue with Isolated Storage IncreaseQuotaTo method (See this Forums Post)


If you’re curious, in Microsoft parlance GDR=”General Distribution Release.” That means it goes out to everyone, as opposed to a Hotfix which is only meant to be applied to fix particular issues.

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