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    Interesting video.  You can do the same things in VB or C# it just requires knowing a bit more.  You can download an RSS feed and parse it with an XmlReader object, but that is beyond the level of knowledge those students.  PopFly appears to solve that problem by generating workflow through a visual designer that generates the code for you.

    Nice, job.  At least those students will now have a better understanding of what goes into an application, and they won't roll their eyes when something is behind schedule.

    Also, if those students ever need to make a Mashup they will be able too.  If their job requires them to anaylze data, they can now consume sources of information and mashup data in the format they need. 

    Good example using real estate with zip codes, a totally useful application.  For a first time home buyer, now put some schools, stores, and work on the same map, and you get an idea of where you live, or it just may seal the deal Smiley


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    You are correct, C# and VB while viable, prevent the students from going beyond simple programs in the time frame of a single semester. PopFly allows them to create fairly sophisticated applications that work with data that is interesting to them AND they can share their results on line via Facebook. It's a win-win.

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