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We met James Vertisan, the CEO of Executive Caddie, at a Windows Phone 7 Firestarter event last Fall. James was extremely impressed by the features and potential of Windows Phone 7, and set off on moving his successful iPhone application to the new platform. Four months later, Executive Caddie has a number of products in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, including Executive Caddie,  Golf Rangefinder, Golf GPS, Golf Shot Tracker, and others.

I talked to James at his office in Tampa, Florida about bringing Executive Caddie to Windows Phone 7 and about his companies use of Microsoft technologies in building out a set of products and services that can help golfers get the most they can out of the game.

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The Discussion

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    Hey Now,

    Gret Video; it sure looks like a stellar app & a nice story how & why it was developed. Right now the app is one of the top sports app in the marketplace too.

    Thx 4 the info,


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    Great looking app.  Nice integrated systems support across all platforms.

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    Made me go out and buy this! Love the app so far, can't wait for the January update

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    Awesome app and use of technology with Bing maps, GPS and the Metro look.You can tell that you have a true passion for Golf. Good luck on the app!

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    I need this. Just as soon as Verizon gets off their butts and makes WP7 available.


    John (60 rounds last year)

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    Robert Hellestrae

    Excellent interview, particularly regarding the comparison between developing apps for the iPhone | Windows Phone 7.

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    Frank Cowan

    Great interview.  The products and services were well thought out.  There's a product for every level of golfer and pocket book.  The Apps and web site are very nice. 

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