Executive Caddie on Windows Phone 7

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    Hey Now,

    Gret Video; it sure looks like a stellar app & a nice story how & why it was developed. Right now the app is one of the top sports app in the marketplace too.

    Thx 4 the info,


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    Great looking app.  Nice integrated systems support across all platforms.

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    Made me go out and buy this! Love the app so far, can't wait for the January update

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    Awesome app and use of technology with Bing maps, GPS and the Metro look.You can tell that you have a true passion for Golf. Good luck on the app!

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    I need this. Just as soon as Verizon gets off their butts and makes WP7 available.


    John (60 rounds last year)

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    Robert Hellestrae

    Excellent interview, particularly regarding the comparison between developing apps for the iPhone | Windows Phone 7.

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    Frank Cowan

    Great interview.  The products and services were well thought out.  There's a product for every level of golfer and pocket book.  The Apps and web site are very nice. 

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