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BizSpark and 3D worlds startup Reaction Grid has been working with Microsoft on a unique customer experience for developers interested in learning more about developing for Windows Phone 7. They've built a virtual world where visitors can explore upcoming phone features, get access to the tools, and meet others who are doing the same thing. It all launches today at

This weekend, I talked to Kyle Gomboy of Reaction Grid about the new site and about how developers can use 3D worlds to learn a little more about Windows Phone 7.



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The Discussion

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    Looking forward to trying out the web site but I'll be blowed if I can login at the moment!


    Cool, just had a quick walk round and a chat with some of the devs.  


    Interesting experiment. I will try again from a better machine tomorrow. (It was a bit slow on my low spec laptop) .



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    Ugh what is with the awful video and audio quality? Not up to the usual Channel 9 standard. Terrible.

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    Hey Now,


    Great Idea! Zain is da man too.


    Thx 4 the info,


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