Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server

Play Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server

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    Please do more videos like this !

    Loved it !
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    Good project management demo... keep theses types of demo's coming!
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    Excellent! I'd would love to see more videos on the "how" of using TFS to manage projects.

    Question: what project template was used?

    I'd like to know what project templates are used internal to Microsoft and which ones are used more often. I'd also like to know how many internal projects actually use one of the built-in project templates that come with TFS.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Discovering richness of project analysis functions in reference to Visual Studio team management interfaces. Office System shall differentiate effectiveness of visual impact on analysis views too, and then I have interests to where Server capability provides to managing team human interfaces. Not being Microsoft Project Server, and commonplace of project management arives at VS IDE.

    What to do for better project management with VS Server capability? Century of industrial engineering tells demanding business management solution is yet to meet management factor of engineering business. More work activity tracking, time to resource management and auditing check method are implicit requirements of major industrial portions. What about workflow management as part of team management with Server?

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    Brian -  Are those nifty reports available for download somewhere.  Is there an accompanying report model?
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    @bebo & @ChrisSiegle: the Microsoft Process Template is available for download on CodePlex.

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