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We've heard a lot about PDC2008 which promises to bring a boatload (official term) of information and announcements about the future of the Microsoft development platform. But before you rush out to book your trip you should also check out the list of PDC2008 pre-conferences for 11 reasons to come to Los Angeles a day early!

So what's a pre-conference? What can I expect to learn? In this Countdown to PDC2008 video we will explore pre-conferences with Jaime Rodriguez, Brian Randell, and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy.



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The Discussion

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    Will the presentations be made available online in video form?
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    The pre-conference sessions will not be recorded. The sessions which are a part of the "regular" conference will be made available as recordings, just not the pre-conferences.

    PDC keynotes will be streamed live; the rest of the sessions will be made available on a delay. If all goes well and we don't encounter any hiccups then you will be able to watch a regular conference session within 24 hours after the delivery of that session, just like we did at MIX07 and MIX08.
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    Where is the presentation?  Thx

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