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I recently sat down with James Whittaker who is a Principal Program Manager Architect on the Visual Studio Team System Test Edition team. James is tasked with helping to shape the next wave of testing tools coming out of the Visual Studio Team System family of products. And since software testing is one of the major "pillars" of for the "Rosario" release of Team System, James has been hard at work.

James isn't able to comment on specific features of Rosario just yet, but instead we got his insights about how he sees software testing evolving over the next few years to help testers become more effective at finding bugs... before the customer does.

For more information on software testing techniques featuring James and company be sure to check out the MSDN Tester Center.



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The Discussion

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    I'll watch the video later, so this may already be addressed, but the number one thing James could do would be to open up the MSTest framework to extension.  MbUnit and other testing frameworks are vastly preferred by many because of this issue.  Me, I REALLY like the integration of MSTest, and would prefer to stay there, provided I could extend the framework for advanced testing scenarios.

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