PDC2008 ShowOff Entry: Clipboard History for Visual Studio

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This video is a sample of one of the entries from Microsoft PDC 2008 ShowOff.

Clipboard History for Visual Studio

Mark Miller, DevExpress

Short 2-3 sentence description of your video
This video demonstrates the Clipboard History feature for Visual Studio. The video also briefly references a 12-part blog series containing complete step-by-step instructions showing how to build this feature for Visual Studio 2008.


I would like to emphasize that this submission is a two-part submission – part one is the feature itself – it’s a powerful and easy to use clipboard history. Part two is the actual series of blog posts, which show developers how to create this really cool feature for their Visual Studio 2008 environment. The code and design choices behind all the features you see demonstrated in the video are explained in great detail in the blog posts. By teaching developers how to build the feature, more Visual Studio customers can learn how to extend visual studio, and that’s a good thing for the VS 2008 ecosystem.



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