PDC2008 ShowOff Entry: Multi-channel Virtual Earth

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This video is a sample of one of the entries from Microsoft PDC 2008 ShowOff. We recommend downloading the high-quality WMV of this video for the best experience.

Title of the video
Multi-channel Virtual Earth

This video shows a multi-channel version of the Virtual Earth control running on a custom curved screen that provides a 180 degree horizontal field of view. The screen is created using eight high-end full 1080p projectors with a professional warping and blending system.  The code is a modified version of a sample project with a custom camera class to properly adjust the FOV and camera offset for each projector and some code to synchronize the camera position across the network.  The system is being controlled with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Names of people who should receive credit
Jon Wade

Name of your organization (if any)
ACE Lab, Carleton University


The developer and designer tools you used (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft)
Visual Studio 2008 Express
Virtual Earth Control/SDK
.NET Framework 3.5





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