PDC2008 ShowOff Entry: Silverlight 2 Spectrum Emulator

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This video is a sample of one of the entries from Microsoft PDC 2008 ShowOff.

Title of the video
Silverlight 2 Spectrum Emulator.
Short 2-3 sentence description of your video
A quick demonstration of my Silverlight 2 Spectrum Emulator, playing a game, writing some Spectrum BASIC, looking at the code quickly.

Silverlight 2 Version Developed By: Chris Hay (me)
Original XNA version By: Jan Jones (http://www.codeplex.com/zx360)
Original Z80 ported from Jasper by Adam Davidson and Andrew Pollard.
PNG Encoder: Joe Stegman
Chris Hay

The developer and designer tools you used (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft) 
Visual Studio 2008, Silverlight 2, C#



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