Benchmark Applications with Cloud-Based Load Testing on Windows Azure

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LoadStorm is a cloud based load testing tool that allows companies to benchmark their web applications using simulated clients, which can be launched from any of the six Windows Azure datacenters around the world.

In this interview, Scott Price (CEO) and Roger Campbell (CTO) explain the process they went through while migrating their Java solution to Windows Azure, and how their company – CustomerCentrix – has benefited from using the Platform-as-a-Service offering from Microsoft.

About LoadStorm

LoadStorm is a web-based load testing tool for simulating what users do with a web site or web application. ISVs use it to build tests that send requests to your server in the same way that a user's browser sends requests to your server.  These tests are executed by LoadStorm's automated systems rather than by a user, and can be done repeatedly and in large numbers simultaneously. The tests can also be built using the LoadStorm tool in such a way as to simulate a large number of different users with different tasks to perform.

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