Corelytics Provides Financial Dashboards for Small Businesses Through Windows Azure Marketplace

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Saas provider Coreconnex explain why they chose Windows Azure to deploy their product for small business. Their product enables non-financial people to understand the financial graphical "picture" of their business. CEO Frank Coker and Chief Architect Torsten Kablitz talk with Azure Incubation Architect Evangelist Greg Oliver about the business of financial dashboards and the technology decisions involved in moving such a system to Windows Azure.

The team explains the decision to use Windows Azure was based around the integration with Visual Studio for development tools, integration with Intuit in the cloud, their need add customers quickly, and up time across multiple geographies. Their capital investments are also reduced signifiantly by going with Microsoft's cloud solution.

The Corelytics financial dashboard is available at the Windows Azure Marketplace. The product enables small businesses to save time and money by providing unique insight into performance allowing business owners to monitor key indicators, see visuals of trends and forecasts and compare performance to their industry peers and annual goals.

About Coreconnex

Coreconnex helps small businesses save time and money accessing a clearer picture of financial performance using the Corelytics financial dashboard and predictive analytics.

About Windows Azure Marketplace

Windows Azure Marketplace is a global online market for customers and partners to share, buy, and sell finished SaaS applications and premium datasets.  Whether you are looking for new customers for your Windows Azure based application or datasets, or are seeking new Windows Azure solutions to power your business, the Windows Azure Marketplace is a one-stop location supported by Microsoft to help you succeed.

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