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Blue Dot’s Advanced Mobile 311 solution is an innovative crowd-sourcing solution for Public Sector that enables citizens to quickly and easily create non-emergency Service Requests through their Smart Phones.  Leveraging the power of Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Blue Dot has developed a ‘Mobile 311’ application that is freely available on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Randy Starr, VP of Technology at Blue Dot Solutions, demonstrates the Advanced Mobile 311 solution with ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle. Randy explains how Blue Dot Solutions used Windows Phone and Windows Azure to build out the system.

This application allows a citizen to report the actual GPS location of a problem or issue and the appropriate Service Code, and to optionally include a photograph and text comments related to the Service Request.  The Mobile 311 application interacts with a set of Windows Azure based Web Services that route the service requests to the appropriate municipality based upon the Service Request location or the selected Jurisdiction ID.  Windows Azure provides the 7x24x365 uptime, dynamic scalability, and affordability required by Blue Dot for the Advanced Mobile 311 solution as well as the opportunity to utilize the Microsoft .NET skills and enterprise mobile IP developed over the last several years.

Advanced Mobile 311 is a winner for State and Local Governments for Windows Phone 7 applications.

About Blue Dot Solutions

Blue Dot Solutions is a leading provider of Packaged Mobile Line of Business Applications for ISVs specializing in enterprise solutions for asset intensive industries.  Blue Dot mobile LOB solutions are developed using the Advanced Mobile Platform, a Microsoft .NET-based enterprise mobility platform that provides on-premise or cloud-based data communications services and data transformation and integration services for a variety of industry leading EAM, ERP, and T&L systems.

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