How Attachmate Earned Windows 7 Software Logo

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Attachmate was among the very first to earn the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo.

In this video, Product Marketing Manager Kris Lall and Test Lead Chinh Vu talks with me about the whole process. Kris tells why the logo is important to Attachmate and the customer benefits. Chinh explains the process, how it is different from other logo tests, and what steps he took to get the logo.

For more information about the products Attachmate has had logo tested, see Attachmate Information Center for Windows 7.

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The Discussion

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    Windows 7 compatibility = $.

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    Creating a logo design is a pretty exhausting task what with having to think of all those ideas and going back and forward with the client. But after reading this article I hope that it will become a little easier for you to knock out some pretty sweet designs.

    its also good when showing the client to present at least 5-10 different versions, even if it's something simple like a change of colour or some font styling. Ive had many clients often ask to see a design with a slight change just becuase it was hard for them to visualise it in thier heads, I guess its the same for all clients and in the most part why they are hiring you.

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