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The Lingo Jingo app is powered by Windows Azure to deliver a social based language learning experience integrating with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share progress on lessons and exercises. Web roles are used to host its MVC based main marketing site and language learning app, SQL Azure is used for storing user data, sessions and lesson contexts and Azure blog storage for storing lesson images and videos.

In this video, Lingo Jingo's co-founder, Christian Hasker, speaks with Microsoft Architect Evangelist Allan Naim. Allan and Christian discusses why they chose building on Windows Azure. Christian explains the benefits realized from building on the Azure platform.

About Lingo Jingo

Lingo Jingo was founded with one goal in mind – to make it easier for the world to communicate with one another in different languages. If you've ever tried to speak a few words of a foreign language when you are on vacation you'll know how making a little effort to say "Hello, how are you?" can open up a whole new world of experiences.

If you know 500 words in any language, you'll be able to understand rudimentary conversations and make yourself understood. We'll help you gain that confidence.



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