QuarkPromote Lights Up Windows 7 with RIA Web Application on Windows Azure

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QuarkPromote incorporates Windows 7 light up features for its Rich Internet Application (RIA). Users customize promotional material, business cards, and fliers using the QuarkPromote. Users get the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) client from the website. The thick client allows users to view and customize templates and then print the hiqh quality materials at nearby print shops.

Paul Heal, Sr. Software Developer at Quark, talks with Bruce Kyle, ISV Architect Evangelist, about how he and his team added jump lists, task bar, and progress bar to the application. He explains that it took a half day effort for his team.

And with the new versions of the code pack, you no longer provide code that figures out if it should work in a previous operating system. So without code changes, the application runs on XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

  • One member on his team told me it was literally five lines of code to add support for the progress bar.
  • Jump list items that John shows directs the user to various features on the website. items that John shows directs the user to various features on the website.
  • Thumbnails show the content user is editing rather than the entire screen, which is the default thumbnail in Windows 7 that shows the entire application window.

Paul shows the features in action in the latest version of QuarkPromote.

QuarkPromote on Windows Azure

QuarkPromote application is hosted in Windows Azure. For an overview of the project, see the Microsoft Showcase: Quark/Sir Speedy Azure Case Study.

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