SARANGSoft Data Backup, Data Recovery Software Lights Up on Windows 7

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SARANGSoft incorporates Windows 7 features of jump lists, icons, and taskbar thumbnails in next version of their data backup software.

filexpertéz is a powerful yet simple to use file management tool for desktop and server computers that replicates, deletes, backs up and restores files using a simple UI. By incorporating the features of Windows 7 SARANGSOFT cues users to their current application state.

CEO Alok Chakrabarti shows ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle each feature that was implemented in unmanaged code in C++. Alok explains that the effort took about a week to implement and test.

In addition, Alok explains that data back-up and restore to Windows Azure will be offered in a future version later this year.

About SARANGSoft

SARANGSoft is a Microsoft Certified Parther with the ISV Competency. The company offers a set of tools and utilities for the Windows users to help with the day to day tasks, such as data management (backup & restore, file copy & delete), IT administration, animation file editing & playback, scheduling tasks etc. Their applications help various types of users at home and at work by making their work simple, efficient, and accurate.

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