Slingbox Maker Sling Media Describes Cross-Platform Commitment to Silverlight

Play Slingbox Maker Sling Media Describes Cross-Platform Commitment to Silverlight
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Slingbox maker, Sling Media, describes the commitment to Silverlight. ISV architect evangelist Bruce Kyle talks with Sling Media software development manager Sasha (Alex) Goldobin about their three-screen strategy: desktop, mobile, and digital television. Because Silverlight code can be re-purposed across the three screens, the cross platform capabilities of Silverlight are essential for Sling Media.

Sasha's company provides user interfaces for embedded devices such as Slingbox and interfaces on phones and PCs. He explains that for Sling Media one of the strengths of Silverlight is the ability to embed the user interface in various devices.

He also emphasizes how easy it is for .NET developers to get started with Silverlight. You can get started using Silverlight using free Visual Studio Express and learn the technology on

He explains that it is easy to create animation in Expression Blend and then see what properties can change the colors, or do transforms. Then developers can manipulate the animation from the code.

He also describes when and how Silverlight's security model is important in their product planning.

About Sling Media

Founded in 2004, Sling Media, Inc. is a different kind of consumer electronics company who demystifies video, audio and Internet technologies and to deliver new products that delight consumers. The focus of Sling Media is to marry hardware and software to create empowering user experiences, the kind of experiences that enhance lives.

Sling Media's first product, the internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox, has literally transformed the way we are able to watch TV.

Sling Media's innovative SlingPlayer™ software connects users on all types of computing platforms to their Slingbox which then gives them complete control over their living room TV.

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