Social Media Goes Mobile with Glassboard on Azure

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You can now share your private data with groups of your friends, coworkers, and those outside your work organization courtesy of a new free product, Glassboard, from social media company Sepia Labs. Users can connect with each other's Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone. Soon users can connect from within a Silverlight part in Office 365.

Walker Fenton and Brian Reischl of Sepial Labs talk with ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle about why they chose Windows Azure to connect to the various phones. Brian explains how they used WCF using REST on Windows Azure. They do a demo of each phone using Azure to process messages across phone platforms using notifications. They show how you can sharie photos, videos, and locations.

For more information about the technologies used by Sepia Labs, see:

About Glassboard

Glassboard is an app for sharing privately with groups (or 'boards' as we call them). With Glassboard you can message a group of people quickly & easily (looks like a text on your phone but it isn't!), share photos and videos, and even show your location when appropriate. Everything within a board is _completely_ private. Only the board chair can invite you to a board, and there is no way for someone not invited to search or discover a board. It's your own private corner of the Internet. 

Sepia Labs is a spinoff from NewsGator, from SharePoint partner of Social Sites.



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