StorSimple Integrates On-Premises, Cloud Storage with Windows Azure

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StorSimple provides a hybrid storage solution that combines on-premises storage with a scalable, on-demand cloud storage model. StorSimple integrates with several cloud storage providers, including Windows Azure.  Dr. Ian Howells, CMO for StorSimple, talks with Developer Evangelist Wes Yanaga about how the team created a solution that enables companies to seamlessly integrate cloud storage services for Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Windows Server. Howells describes why the company offers storage on Azure and how that benefits its customers.

StorSimple uses an algorithm that tiers storage to an on-premises, high-performance disk or to Windows Azure Blob storage to optimize performance.

To address performance issues with on-premises data storage, a data compression process eliminates redundant data segments and minimizes the amount of storage space that an application consumes. At the same time that StorSimple optimizes storage space for data-intensive applications, it uses Cloud Clones—a patented StorSimple technology—to persistently store copies of application data in the cloud.

With StorSimple and Windows Azure, customers maintain control of their data and can take advantage of public cloud services with security-enhanced data connections. StorSimple uses Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control to provide rule-based authorization to validate requests and connect the on-premises applications to the cloud. Customers who deploy StorSimple use a private key to encrypt the data with AES-256 military-grade encryption before it is pushed to Windows Azure, helping to enhance security and ensure that data can only be retrieved by the customer.

About StorSimple

StorSimple provides application-optimized cloud storage for Microsoft Server applications. StorSimple's mission is to bring the benefits of the cloud to on-premises applications without forcing the migration of applications into the cloud. StorSimple manages storage and backup for working set apps such as Microsoft SharePoint, shared file drives, Microsoft Exchange, and virtual machine libraries, offering SSD performance with cloud elasticity.

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    Great blog post - StorSimple sounds like a great solution for on-premises storage. The demand for cloud storage is growing and having the ability to integrate cloud storage services for Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Windows Server will definitely be something useful for PC users in the future. As long as the security provided is strong, I think this would be great.

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