SysExpertez Manages Networking Resources, Lights up Windows 7

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SARANGSoft lights up an application that streamlines the work of IT Pros for maintaining Active Directory and networked assets. The software, SysExpertez, is written in Windows Presentation Foundation and lights up jump lists in Windows 7.

SysExpertez helps an IT System Manager / Administrator manage the resources / assets within a Microsoft Windows network domain. It automates and simplifies the repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming tasks to provide accurate results quickly and easily.

Alok Chakrabarti, CEO of SARANGSoft, talks with Bruce Kyle, ISV Architect Evangelist, about how SysExpertez features light up in Windows 7.

About SARANGSoft

SARANGSoft is a Microsoft Certified Parther with the ISV Competency. The company offers a set of tools and utilities for the Windows users to help with the day to day tasks, such as data management (backup & restore, file copy & delete), IT administration, animation file editing & playback, scheduling tasks etc. Their applications help various types of users at home and at work by making their work simple, efficient, and accurate.

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