Whirlwind 12: What's new in C# 4 - More COM Love

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ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle of Microsoft and MVP Stuart Celarier explore the new languages features in C#. It's a Whirlwind Tour of the important language features of C# 4. Stuart describes each major feature and why it is useful. But doesn't get into best practices nor suggested usages. Just the facts about each feature.

Whirlwinds are bite-sized webcasts, generally shorter than 15 minutes. You can start anywhere in the series to learn about the parts you're most interested in.

Stuart describes two improvements to C# 4 for COM Interop.

  • ref keyword is optional if you are not going to use a return value when calling COM.
  • No Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) is required.

Stuart describes the importance of these two new features in C#.

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