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Bruce Kyle of Microsoft and Stuart Celarier of CheckFree explore the new languages features in C#. It's a whirlwind tour of the important language features since C# 1. Stuart describes the feature and why it is useful. But doesn't get into best practices nor suggested usages. Just the facts about the feature.

Whirlwinds are bite-sized webcasts, usally each is shorter than 15 minutes. You can start anywhere in the series to learn about the parts you're most interested in.

In the final episode, Stuart's fingers get itchy. And instead of slides, he open up Visual Studio and shows code. This time, he shows how LINQ takes advantage of the new language features that are explained in the other Whirlwind episodes.

He uses a code example in Visual Studio to show to use the C# language features to write a query using LINQ to Objects. He compares the same query using LINQ and extension methods that each contain a lambda expression. Next he describes the use of LINQ providers.

These features are part of C# 3 in .NET 3.5.

This screencast is also a great way to get started in with lanugage integrated queries (LINQ) or to explore the various ways you can use LINQ.

Duration: 16:53

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