Windows Phone 7 Game Begins Life in WPF -- Now a Silverlight, Ad Supported App

Play Windows Phone 7 Game Begins Life in WPF -- Now a Silverlight, Ad Supported App
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Simon Said game on began life as a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application that showed off touch user experience. Since then, it's become an advertising supported application for Windows Phone 7.

David Kelley, User Experience Architect for Wirestone, explains how you can get AdCenter working to monetize your Phone application. He talks with ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle about the performance considerations he did to move his application from WPF to Windows Phone.

Getting Started with AdCenter

See the AdCenter site Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps.

  1. Download the Ad Control SDK. Download the Ad SDK to build your app and run ads in test mode that requires no on-boarding to try out the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7.
  2. Register your mobile apps on pubCenter. Sign up and register your Windows Phone apps using Microsoft Advertising's solution for Windows Phone 7 publishers and app developers. 
  3. Implement and Submit. Set the Application Id and Ad Unit Id properties in the Ad Control and submit your ad-enabled app to the Windows Phone marketplace.

See the three training videos are now available to help you build, register, and manage your Windows Phone 7 ad-enabled apps:

Getting Started on Windows Phone 7

Tools are free. Get started on Windows Phone 7 or XBox at App Hub.

See the free developer training course for Windows Phone 7 on Channel 9.

Windows Phone 7 in 7 tutorials on MSDEV. Each short, to-the-point video in this series highlights a feature of Windows Phone 7 in less than 7 minutes. This is a series for developers who want to pick up the basics quickly with brief explanations and hands-on examples. Demonstrations and code samples are based on the beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer.

Free Help for Windows Phone 7

Join Microsoft Platform Ready for free assistance in developing and marketing your Windows Phone 7 applications.

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