Windows Rally Technologies Seminar: Obtaining the Windows Vista Logo for Network Infrastructure Devi

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    Hey. Very interesting video. I have a question though:

    Can you clarify on the Loopback "Hairpin" support?

    Does this mean that if I have a Vista Logo DSL router that is in bridge mode (ISP assigns up to N public IPv4 IP's for each of my devices through DHCP) and has several local computers connected to the land RJ45 ports each with a public IP in a larger subnet that has other customers in it, the packets that go through my Computer 1 to my Computer 2 or Xbox using the public IP's will actually get loopbackd on the device without going over the bridge to the ISP?

    Eg. With this configuration, will the ->

    subnet mask
    public.ip.112.6 ISP/Default gateway
    public.ip.123.4 DSL in bridge mode, no NAT
    public.ip.123.5 Desktop
    public.ip.123.6 Laptop
    public.ip.123.7 Xbox

    -> Packets from Desktop to Laptop or device behind the bridge will stay behind the bridge?

    Is the "Hairpin" same or different from "ARP Proxy", which as I understand should address this?
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    btw here's a link to the tool mentioned:


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