Team from Queen's University wins Imagine Cup 2016 Online Finals Innovation Competition

Play Team from Queen's University wins Imagine Cup 2016 Online Finals Innovation Competition
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People everywhere are counting their steps to improve their fitness. is going to help you save gas by tracking your car's fuel consumption. Plug the widely available adapter into your car, download the app, pair it to your phone and you will have real time and historical data to help you determine how the route you select and your driving habits are affecting your fuel consumption.

The project was developer by Computer Science students Scott Killen and Will Thompson from Queen's University in Canada. Their project earned them a top spot in the Imagine Cup 2016 Online Finals in the Innovation Competition they now advance to the World Semifinals for a chance to represent Canada at the World Championships in July.

Find out how these students are helping us make better choices with our driving to save fuel, money and the environment with the power of Universal Windows Apps, Bing Maps, and Azure.




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    With Bluetooth 4.0, connectivity and battery life won't be an issue at all.
    It seems like a pretty neat project!

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