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Since VS 2010 Beta1 became publicly available last week, the Editor team has heard from quite a few users who miss box selection (aka column selection, block selection, or rectangular selection).  Yes, it’s missing from the beta, but the good news is that it will be back and better than ever for the final release of VS 2010.

Not only will you be able to make, copy/paste, drag/drop, and delete box selections, but you’ll also have the new ability to insert and edit text on multiple lines.  Check out this video we’ve created to demo the new Box Selection and Multi-Line Editing functionality (this demo has video and audio, so plug in your headphones or turn up the sound).



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The Discussion

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    Rob Cannon

    Not seeing a video here!

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    Sorry about that. Saved an older version that didn't have the links set correctly. All fixed now!


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    That's very cool; especially the zero length selection.  One feature that I would love to have is a way to treat the selected text as data and not just text. Let me give you an example. Let's say have a bunch of lines you want to change at once. Each line would look something like this: "SomeFunction(var1, var2); SecondFunction(var3);" I would like to be able to swap the two functions around, then replace var2 with something else that comes from the clipboard, etc. Basically treat each line like a row in an Excel sheet and let me specify the column deliminator (could have some default settings break characters like ;,"'- and so on). After this is done let me do some operations on this data with live preview; when done push a button and the text goes into the editor... Now that would be cool Smiley

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