Microsoft PEX/MOLES & advanced Unit-Testing aspects 3/3

Play Microsoft PEX/MOLES & advanced Unit-Testing aspects 3/3


Unit Testing with Pex and Moles

TRAINER: Peli de Halleux – Microsoft Research

Pex enables parameterized unit testing for .NET: given a unit test with parameters. Pex generates inputs that achieves high code coverage. Moles is a framework that allows to isolate unit tests from environment dependencies: Moles allows to replace any .NET method with a delegate, even when the method is static, non-virtual or in a sealed type. Pex and Moles work on any .NET applications. Pex and Moles supports .NET v2.0, v3.5, v4.0, VS2008 and VS2010. The learning objectives of this class are:

Understand and write unit tests.
Use Moles to isolate unit tests.
Write Pex parameterized unit tests



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