Vista Speech Recognition

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VistaBlgThe long night of waiting is over.  Windows Vista is deep into the Beta and CTP programs.  Some of the features are recognizable from Windows XP, while others are so absolutely amazing they will knock your socks off.  One of the new features is the built in Voice Recognition.  I took the time to make a short demonstration on how to set it up and use it.  It is so impressive!  So if you would like to see the future of Voice recognition in action on todays Windows Vista operating system don’t take my word for it.  Watch the podcast and see it for yourself, then try it on your own machine.  This demonstartion was recorded using build 5270 (Beta 2) of Windows Vista.  Enjoy the podcast and watch for future casts on features and benefits of Windows Vista.


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    mms:// ------ why can't channel9 podcast this stuff on apple's itunes is a myestery to all of us? Smiley ........ i get an error messege from wimp that says codec not supported! -------- i have wimp ver 9 installed .... Get Info says: ------- * chris: henley (cool tech live) ................. * audio: ver 9.1 (32kbps/44khz/mono/1-pass/vbr) ........... * video: ver 9 "screen" ............. i am not sure what 'screen' means. ----------- the least you could do is use a standard format like mpeg4/h.264! ---------- why cant microsoft join! ------------- the office group is having to fight tooth & nail to be dragged into full/open xml compliance; the media group also seems to think it can impose inferior/proprietary standards. ----------- why do things never change at redmond? -------------- why doesnt this crazy textfield accept CR/LF?!!!
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