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    mms:// ------ why can't channel9 podcast this stuff on apple's itunes is a myestery to all of us? Smiley ........ i get an error messege from wimp that says codec not supported! -------- i have wimp ver 9 installed .... Get Info says: ------- * chris: henley (cool tech live) ................. * audio: ver 9.1 (32kbps/44khz/mono/1-pass/vbr) ........... * video: ver 9 "screen" ............. i am not sure what 'screen' means. ----------- the least you could do is use a standard format like mpeg4/h.264! ---------- why cant microsoft join! ------------- the office group is having to fight tooth & nail to be dragged into full/open xml compliance; the media group also seems to think it can impose inferior/proprietary standards. ----------- why do things never change at redmond? -------------- why doesnt this crazy textfield accept CR/LF?!!!
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