Singapore Sumo-Robot How-To Video #4: Understanding Your Robot's Code Methods

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In this video, Shen Yizhe (MIC Tech Lead from NUS) and Tan Chun Siong (MSP from Singapore) will be going through the various methods that form the decision logics of the Sumo Robots.

At the end of this video, developers will be able to code their own decision logics and strategies for their Sumo Robots.

As this video contains "code views", we recommend you download the Full Video for the best view (38MB).

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The Discussion

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    As feared, this video's sharpness is just as lacking as the previous. It is exceedingly difficult to gather any visual details of the programming chores.
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    Thanks for the feedback Lava.  Unfort, if you view the code via the built in player... the code will be difficult to read.  However, if you download the full video via the "Download" button... the code will be rather easy to read.

    Have fun making your killer robot!

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