Singapore's First "SideShow" Gadget on the ASUS WP5e

Play Singapore's First "SideShow" Gadget on the ASUS WP5e
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We got our hands on an ASUS W5Fe with the new built-in "SideShow" device and we were curious to see who in Singapore can be the first to build a SideShow app.  Well, our friends at Advanced Interactive Technologies  (AIT) took up the challenge and as of this video, they are the FIRST IN SINGAPORE (and probably all of SE Asia) to build an app on a SideShow device.

In this video, KC Chung (Developer at AIT) and Chewy Chong (Developer Evangelist) checks out the Singapore Weather SideShow gadget which allows us to check the weather from the NEA through the SideShow device without the computer to be on.  KC also provides a “how to get started” document plus all his source code for you to start building on the SideShow device. 

You don’t need a physical device as the SideShow SDK includes an emulator and it is surprisingly easy to get started.  Make sure you check out KC’s notes on how you can get started on SideShow!

You can download the notes on: 

There's also a great Ch9 screencast on SideShow gadgets from Daniel Moth here:

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