With Photos... Many Wrongs Can Make a Right using MSR GroupShot

Play With Photos... Many Wrongs Can Make a Right using MSR GroupShot
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I love my job!  One of the nicest part of it is… having accessing to a whole bunch of people smarter than me (I take comfort that I’m better looking).  During a visit to Redmond a few months back, Microsoft Research showed the attendees of our internal TechReady conference a project called “GroupShot”.  It allows you to take a bunch of not-so-good photos, pick out the best parts of each and make one good photo. 

It comes in really handy when someone in the photo has their eyes closed or doing something annoying like bunny ears.  In this short little video, I show you a demo of how to take a bunch of “wrong” photos to assemble one “right”.  I also show you how to make funny composites and even how to make something disappear.

You can download MSR’s GroupShot here and have a play:  https://research.microsoft.com/projects/GroupShot

When taking group shots in the future… make sure to take multiple shots for use with GroupShot!

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The Discussion

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    Wow, this is cool! Thanks.
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    I played with it and it works quite well. Though sometimes parts of the composite image are distorted after a couple of selections. It would be helpful to include some guidance on how to best place the selection boxes in order to avoid such issues.

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