UML with VS 2010 Part 2: Organizing Features Into Use Cases

Play UML with VS 2010 Part 2: Organizing Features Into Use Cases
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In this screencast, Clint Edmonson provides an introduction to use case modeling using Visual Studio 2010.



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The Discussion

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    Good catch Andrej. You are correct. The arrow should point from the extension towards the use case it extends from. In the Store Manager use case diagram in the Analysis Model, the direction of the <<extends>> relationship needs to be reversed.

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    Jesse Phelps

    Good stuff Clint! I really liked these screencasts. Good refresher.

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    It's only Low Resolution's really frustrating. I find myself relying on what Clint is saying to figure out what is happening...and the volume is too low. Got my laptop speaker cranked, the video volume maxxed out and still having trouble following what is going on :/


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