UML with VS 2010 Part 9: Organizing and Managing Your Models

Play UML with VS 2010 Part 9: Organizing and Managing Your Models
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In this screencast, Clint Edmonson wraps up the series with a discussion around organizing models in model explorer as a project progresses.



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The Discussion

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    Good stuff, Clint! Thanks for putting these videos together!


    +1 on the Domain-Driven Design recommendation.

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    Will the samples you show in the videos be available for download? I'd love to play around with them in my own copy of VS 2010.

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    look at his blog - there are all the vs projects & ppt's for download available.

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    excellent series.

    I would like to see the next step: implementation, so how to go from models to code.

    I also would like to know if there is a relation with generating diagrams from code (VS supports view class diagram and generate sequence diagram from code). So basically I would like to know if there's roundtrip support within VS.

    Thanks in advance

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